Required Tasks Before In-Person Worship Begins

  • Creating a “comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation and recovery plan” as required by Governor’s May 27, 2020 press release. Plan created, awaiting council designated appointee.
  • Having disposable face masks and hand sanitizer available to give to visitors who did not bring their own mask. Masks have arrived, hand sanitizers and communion cups have arrived.
  • Having members who have offered to help maintain the health and safety requirements. Ushers for the day assisting with making sure that we are in compliance of health and safety requirements. For June 28th Bob Baldwin & Rick Loewen will be ushers.
    Someone assigned to record contact tracing of all individuals – Council (Carol T) has list of volunteers for recording contact tracing.
  • Removing Bibles & hymnbooks from the sanctuary – Carol to move these.
  • COVID-19 Posters – Kim is ordering laminated posters (2 approx 18×22) to put on sandwich boards for posting outside. The handicap bathroom will be the only one open. (Carol to write up a bathroom poster and instructions to be given as part of service) Posters to be up by June 25th.
  • Physical marking and signs for seating, standing, etc. indoors and outdoors by Saturday June 27th. – Duct Tape
  • Mail out Re-Opening plan and letter from Council to members with summary of plan and requirements for members to follow when attending in-person activities. Letter sent 6/9/20