2020 Advent Wreath-Yule Log Information & Instructions

Advent Log Information & Instructions

From the ELCA’s Worship Formation & Liturgical Resources: Frequently Asked Questions:

As Christians, we use symbols to express visually the basic tenets of our faith and as reminders of the pilgrimage of our life in Christ. Symbols can have heightened meaning for us when associated with particular seasons of that journey. One such symbol is the Advent wreath.

The Advent wreath has its roots in the pre-Christian practices of northern Europe. People sought the return of the sun in the dark time of the year (at the winter solstice) by lighting candles and fires. As early as the middle Ages, Christians used fire and light to represent Christ’s coming into the world. Using this same symbolism, the Advent wreath developed a few centuries ago in Germany as a sign of the waiting and hopeful expectation of the return in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. The wreath, a circle, came to represent the eternal victory over death through Jesus Christ. The evergreens were a sign of the faithfulness of God to God’s people, even in death, and the lighted candles were a reminder of the light of Christ brought into the world. This symbolism can be just as strong for us today. As is the case with all symbols, they speak most loudly to remind us of God’s promises of life when they are drawn directly out of our daily experience and environment.

What you received:

  • Yule Log
  • 5 Candles:
    • 3 Blue, 1 Pink, and 1 White

Blue candles (First, Second, and Fourth Sundays in Advent) representing Peace, Hope, and Joy.
Peace: For our first Sunday of Advent, we light the candle representing Christ’s peace among us as we begin this season.
Hope: For our second Sunday of Advent, we light the candle representing Christ’s hope poured over us as we begin to hope with anticipation for the birth of Jesus.
Joy: For our fourth Sunday of Advent, we light the candle representing Christ’s joy as we get closer to Christmas Eve.
Pink Candle (Third Sunday In Advent) representing Love.
Love: For our third Sunday of Advent, we light the candle representing Christ’s love for each of us.
White Candle (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day) representing Jesus.
Christ: For Christmas Eve & Christmas Day we light the Christ candle to symbolize Jesus dwelling among us as we celebrate his birth.

First Sunday: Light 1 Blue candle
Second Sunday: Light 2 blue candles
Third Sunday: Light 2 blue candles & 1 pink candle
Fourth Sunday: Light 3 blue candles & 1 pink candle
Christmas Eve: Light all candles
Christmas Day: Light all candles

The truth is, the order you put your candles in don’t matter too much. According to the ELCA’s resources, even having a pink candle is “outdated”, but I personally appreciate the pink candle through Advent as a reminder of Jesus’s love.
Probably correct order: Blue Candle, Blue Candle, Pink Candle, Blue Candle, White Candle.

Pastor Megan example order: 2 Blue Candles, White Candle, Pink Candle, Blue Candle
Reistroffer example order: White Candle, Pink Candle, 3 Blue Candles

If you have a hot glue gun decorating can be very extravagant, if not, you can still bring in some small bows of evergreen trees to line your Yule Log. You can staple them on or let them lay flat on or around.

Send Pastor Megan photos of your decorated logs so we can share them!

Video help:
If you would like to record a video of you and/or your household lighting candles for a particular week in Advent, let Pastor  Megan know right away!