Dancing Joy – Praising God through Dance

 You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, 
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever.
~Psalm 30:11-12
Just a few days ago we finished our Vacation Bible School with our VBS Themed Sunday worship. All week last week, our kiddos would begin their mornings with prayer, singing, and dancing. We would finish our days with singing and dancing. With all that joy and praise and movement, I wonder sometimes if our sitting or standing for song means we miss out on that dancing joy.

Praise and Dancing

Dance as part of praise for God is nothing new. Miriam and the Hebrew women danced after crossing the Red Sea. Throughout our Psalms we find words of dance interlaced with joy and praise. King David dances before the Lord, and then there’s me, on the stage with our VBS kids following along to dance moves for songs like “Jump, Jump”.

And it’s fantastic.

Okay, maybe fantastic is not the right word. My dancing is…well it’s movement. But that movement is so important!

Spirit Moving

We are often describing the Holy Spirit as moving, as dancing, as pouring out. The Spirit is often embodied in our moving bodies. And sure, we’re not always talented, and maybe we’re not even able. But clapping our hands, stomping our feet, moving however the Spirit moves us. We can share our praises to God.

Because sometimes God’s joy given to us is more than words can say. And definitely more than my moves can say. But dancing sometimes is the best way to fully experience the words we sing together.

Joy Giving

And honestly, watching a group of kids dancing and dancing with them. What could be more joy giving than experiencing that energy?

Dancing for for praise, for worship, for our bodies, not only is a response to joy, but it is a way to experience joy in our worship together. So maybe for you today that dance is clapping a hand, stomping a foot as you remain seated. Maybe it’s swaying to and fro.

Or maybe it’s beat-bouncing, booty-shaking for the Lord.

The Spirit moves among us, through us, and in us, and these bodies are movin’!

Pastor Megan
Pastor Megan

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