Holiday Raffle Winners!

  1. Quilt – Joyce Croy
  2. Pandemic Basket – Norma Oyloe
  3. Baking Basket – Foslien Family
  4. Picnic Cooler – Barb Clausen
  5. Neck Pillow – Hadley Filer
  6. Scrubbers – Tori Gosch
  7. Hadley Original Painting – Blair Family
  8. Appetizer Basket – Foslien Family
  9. Jams & Jelly Basket – Carol Lane
  10. Totes MG Goat Milk Soaps – Tori Gosch
  11. Microwave Buddies – Kathy Newton
  12. Spa Basket – Norma Oyloe
  13. Quilt – Joyce Croy
  14. Afghan – Foslien Family
  15. Glenn Milhiser Original Painting – Tori Gosch
  16. Dinner with Barb Clausen (post-Covid) – Blair Family
  17. Candle Mats – Blair Family
  18. Spiderman Bicycle – Carol Thompson
  19. Rolling Pin – Tori Gosch
  20. Seam Ripper – Joyce Croy
  21. Show Horn – Russ Gilchrist

Items can be picked up Friday, December 11th from 11:30am to 12pm at the church, or contact Joyce Croy or Tori Gosch to coordinate receiving your winnings.

Thank you to all who donated, who participated, we raised $451 for the church. Another raffle is planned for the spring.
And as a note from the Filers – Hadley has felt so special and appreciated for her painting, if you would like to receive a Hadley original, give Pastor Megan a canvas and she’ll invite Hadley to paint something special for you!

Blessings to all during this Advent season, and congratulations to our winners!