Listening, Reading, Reaching

As we prepare for this Lenten season, I have noticed in myself a need for listening, reading, and reaching. I have been feeling a need to listen more to voices other than my own. I’ve been reading as much as I can. And I’ve been reaching out to new people, communities, and places that are unfamiliar to me.

Because I have been so busy listening, reading, and reaching, I have not had time to create a blog post for this week! Instead I invite you to read some posts from a fellow pastor, as he writes of 28 saints for Black History Month.

Twenty-Eight Saints: February 1 and 2

Twenty-Eight Saints: February 3 and 4

Twenty-Eight Saints: February 5 and 6

I am looking forward myself to reading throughout this month more about these saints who have histories that are still new to me.

My regular weekly posts will return after Ash Wednesday on February 14th!

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