Vacation Bible School Excitement

So I am well aware that Vacation Bible School (VBS) is still more than six months away. I know that that. But I’m a planner, and so that means we’ve already put in the order for this year’s ROAR VBS. Tagline: Life is Wild, God is good!

And the package came this week. So I’m really excited.

We tend to order the VBS curriculum pretty early partly because it helps us to be prepared in our planning. But there also ends up being some extra work that goes into our planning, and it’s nice to know ahead of time what that’s going to be.

Part of that extra work is that we don’t do a full-day-five-day VBS, but instead condense it into four mornings. We also want to make sure that the curricula we’re using matches with our theology, which sometimes means some tweaking of the given interpretations.

But what has me SO excited as I type out today’s blog post? I’m currently going through the music. Blasting it loudly in my office as I sing and dance along working at my desk.

As I listen and sing and dance, I just keep thinking about our Small Seeds kiddos and those who join us for VBS each year. It has been so awesome to watch each of them grow in their faith and in their relationships with each other.

And so I’m excited for what this year’s VBS will bring, for all the singing, the dancing, the bible stories, the conversations, the games, the everything. And I am so excited to share with our kids how wild life is and how good God is.

Also we’re going to go to the zoo. And I love the zoo!

What are things you’re finding yourself excited about this week? Where is God bringing you joy in this wild life?

Pastor Megan Filer

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