What is Rally Day?

You may have seen or heard that Sunday September 8th is a Small Seeds Sunday and also will be “Rally Day!” at our church. And you may have wondered:

What is Rally Day?

Like, what is it?

Simply put, Rally Day is often celebrated in churches at the start of the school year. It’s a way to kick-start the fall and the return from summer. Through out our summer, many of our members and friends have been away on vacation, some of our ministries have been on pause or only with limited gatherings, and so Rally Day is a great way to get us excited for everything starting back up again!

Women’s Bible Study will return to their regular gatherings. The Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts will start meeting again. Ministry committees will go back to their usually scheduled meetings. And Sunday adult education will begin again the following week. Not only that, but as our program year returns, we’ll be kicking off new things too!

“Rally” literally means “a renewal of energy in joint action”, and that’s what we’ll be doing on Sunday September 8th!

We’ll be kicking off this year’s pledge month. And a new confirmation program. And a new evening education program. Oh, and there will be opportunities to sign up for current and new ministries. As we renew ourselves for this next program year, we can start getting excited for all that is to come!

What can you expect?

In Church:

-Small Seeds Worship: We’ve moved up Small Seeds for September. So Small Seeds Saturday will be September 7th, and September 8th will be a Small Seeds Sunday. Geared for the youngest of our disciples, worship will be filled with song, dance, and our kiddos helping to lead us.

-Pledge month kick-off: Our Small Seeds kiddos and Pastor Megan will introduce us to this year’s pledge month – Building Discipleship.

Announcements regarding upcoming events and programs.

At Coffee Hour:

-Cupcakes & Dixie cup ice cream.

-Games for our kiddos.

-Sign ups and more information regarding events and programs.

We hope you will join us on September 8th for Rally Day as we rally together with excitement and joy in all the ways God is doing more than we can ask or imagine in our church and our community!


Pastor Megan Filer

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