Wintery Season – From the Pastor’s Desk

I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart; before the gods I sing your praise;
~Psalm 138:1

Pastor’s Letter from our February Newsletter

During the months of January and February I can often find myself with lower energy than I’m used to. I think it’s something about the weather during these wintery months, or maybe it’s the comedown from the busy holiday season in November and December. Whatever the reason, January and February often having me feeling a bit lower than usual.

And so during this February, I want to focus on giving thanks to God. This February I’m intentionally pushing against the winter humdrum and looking for places to lift God’s praises. And as I started this, I found that even now that the busy holidays are done, there is so much God is doing in our community, in our church, and in our individual lives.

As I look back on our annual meeting in January, I find myself giving thanks for each and every one of our members and friends as we come together to look towards our next year. And I’m looking forward to the seasons of Lent and Easter, giving thanks and singing God’s praises as we begin this next part of our year.

Because soon we begin this season of journeying alongside Jesus to the cross. And with it, we begin our tradition of weekly Wednesday evenings together. And this year we’re trying out the Evening Vespers liturgy from our hymnal for our worship. Our time together will be filled with thanks-giving for the spiritual gifts God has given us as we seek to worship God throughout this season.

So in the midst of this wintery season, I hope you’ll join me in focusing on ways to give thanks and praise to God, to fill our lives with a bit more joy, so that together we can sing God’s praise.

~Pastor Megan

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